Do I have to Auto Enrol?

Auto enrolment, otherwise known as work place pensions effectively applies to any business with ‘employees’ or ‘workers’.  In very basic terms if you have at least one employee then auto enrolment applies.  Some employees must be auto enrolled into a work place pension scheme and some employees must be offered a work place pension scheme and they have various options to either opt in or opt out.  If you have at least one employee please contact us and we will advise on auto enrolment.

If applicable you will have to auto enrol on your ‘staging date’ and if you would advise us of your PAYE reference we will be able to tell you what that date is and what you need to do before then.  It is important not to wait until you reach your staging date.

We also provide payroll bureau facilities where we also deal with auto enrolment.  Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any further help or information or perhaps a quotation for dealing with your payroll and auto enrolment, please contact Claire Harris here at the office.