Why Adventure?

W H Murray said in 1953 :-

"The true art of adventure is being bold enough to go out and enjoy life now"

Gary Parker said in 2003 :-

"Business is an adventure - enjoy it !"

Gary Parker is not just an accountant. He is also an enthusiast of mountain climbing, marathons and long distance open water swimming amongst other adventures. He says that going into business is much like going on a climbing expedtion. First you have the idea and with passion you turn that idea into reality. Then you need a plan, you need equipment etc and some times things dont go quite the way you planned. You have to step back and look at another way of getting over, under or around an obstacle. It is a continual learning process. Sometimes you need a guide. Gary says "we like to think of ourselves as a guide in business".

You cant beat the elation of having a succesful expedition or indeed business. You just have to feed your passion !

So why adventure ? ............................why ask ?

Just read Gary's climbing CV used on expeds where he has been the leader:-

The expedition will be lead by Gary Parker.

Founder of Club 7 Summits Gary is an accomplished mountaineer and full member of the Alpine Club.

A joint services mountain expedition leader (both summer and winter), he has lead and taken part in both military and civilian expeditions throughout the world such as the Alps, Himalayas, Russia, Africa, Indonesia, South America and Alaska. He has climbed to a high standard on Scottish ice including point 5 gully on Ben Nevis and has climbed to HVS standard on rock.

He has also climbed five of the seven summits (including a solo ascent of Aconcagua) and more than half of the 67 Alpine 4,000m Peaks of Europe including the Matterhorn, Eiger and approx 15 ascents of Mont Blanc. He is leading an Everest summit expedition in spring 2016.

Being senior partner in a prominent South Wales accountancy practice – he is also equipped to deal with all expedition logistics in respect of any expedition including 8,000 metre peaks.

Gary has other outdoor interests including mountain marathons, adventure racing and open water swimming. He has completed the Marathon de Sable in the Sahara, the Jungle Marathon in the Amazon and the North Pole Marathon. He is also a full Divemaster (PADI) and rode from John O'Groats to Lands End (four countries route, 2003) for charity.

Finally Gary is also a Remote and Wilderness First Aider level 4.